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Muddy fun in our Mud Kitchen!

August 27th, 2015

Our mud kitchen, in our nursery garden provides an incredible range of opportunities for the children’s learning. Children are early explorers, scientists and artists from a young age.

Children learn to co-operate and share their ideas, plan together and help each other. When the children are playing in our mud kitchen, the most amazing conversations between children occur. They may recall a real life muddy event, they will use imaginative words to describe the muddy textures and sounds and it’s the perfect opportunity to make up stories, songs and rhymes before, during or after their muddy experience! 

The mud can become anything from a cup of tea with 2 sugars to breakfast, dinner, a birthday cake with grass sprinkles or magic potions.

A range of actions are involved from pouring, blending, smoothing, scooping, sieving, picking, chopping as they learn to manipulate different tools in the mud.

Humberstone Day Nursery children,love their Mud kitchen, here some photos of them having fun!!




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