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Transport Extended Learning

October 18th, 2018

The Toddler children have shown lots of interest in transport recently, so we provided them with some great learning opportunities to further develop this. The children showed fascination and creativity as they role played with transport figures, using their imaginations to create stories of where they were going on holiday and how they were going to get there. The children had lots of fun and were all eager to learn. Children were able to share their own experiences of travelling on different transport as well as developing their counting and sorting skills.

Some of the children liked to look out the window and talk about the features on different cars and trucks as they went past the nursery. Children were able to make comments on the shapes of the wheels and windows.



Textured Ball Painting

April 12th, 2018

Our Baby room children have used a textured ball and colourful paint to create beautiful pictures.

Lots of opportunity to develop their physical skills and to explore colour.

What the Ladybird Heard!

April 12th, 2018

Some of our Preschool children recently went on a trip to the Curve Theatre in Leicester,  to watch a lovely performance of Julia Donaldson’s story of “What the Ladybird Heard”. This is a familiar story  to our Preschool children and they were all very excited to watch the show.  Our Bus journey to the city center was most enjoyable, children were very chatty and spoke about what they could see out of the window as well as commenting on the local surroundings.

Once we got to the Curve Theatre the children were able to pick out a sticker to wear during the performance. As we took our seats the children were full of giggles , the children commented on the set, pointing to the farm house and the two cats on the window.

As the show began their was lots of opportunity  for audience participation.  The children loved this and where able to join in shouting where the ladybird was hiding and naming all the characters from the story. Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh were very funny characters making the children laugh throughout.

After the show we had a special McDonald’s Lunch, the children all got a balloon to take home with them.

After a busy morning we were very tired travelling back on the bus (some of us had a little sleep). The children were very eager to tell everyone else back at the nursery about the show.

We have now created a puppet show role play area of what the ladybird heard, for the children to role play their experience of the trip. This has been highly successful and motivating for the children who are showing great imaginative skills.

Here are a few picture from our trip



Outside Forest Fun

April 12th, 2018

The Preschool children had a great time in the forest area planting a variety of flowers! The children were very inquisitive and engaged in this activity. The children were able to take their flowers home to watch them grow.


Whilst in the forest area we created a small obstacle course with the large logs and tree stumps. The children were encourage to have a go at getting from one end to the other independently.  The children were brave and had ago, children listen well and walked across slowly and carefully.  Some children helped their friends across by holding their hands. The Preschool children showed excitement and a sense of achievement when they got to the end.

This was a great activity for children to develop their physical skills as well as being aware of their own safety whilst climbing and balancing.


The Three Bears

March 29th, 2018

The Pre-Toddler Unit have been having a great time exploring a variety of bear themed activities. The children have shown an interest in the story of “Goldilocks and the three bears”,  following this a role play area was set up where the children could recite parts of the story through pretend play.

Other Activities included:

  • Teddy Bear Toast
  •  Potato Paw Printing
  • Porridge Playdough
  • Bear Paw Cookies
  • Matching & Sizing Teddy Bears
  • Special Porridge Breakfast


Sports Relief

March 29th, 2018

 Parents and children were challenged to complete an obstacle course for sports relief this year! It was also a great way for the children to develop their physical skills. It was lovely for parents to get involved, everyone had lots of fun with plenty of giggling.

Parents and staff encourage children to tackle a variety of physical elements such as crawling , climbing, stretching, jumping and pushing.

We would like to thank everyone who collected sponsor money in and made donations!

Christmas Fun

January 3rd, 2018


Santa Came to visit the Nursery which was very exciting!!! The Pre-School children enjoyed singing Christmas songs with him. As we had all been super good this year, Santa had brought us all a special present.

The Baby Room have been very busy throughout December, lots of dressing up in some lovely Christmas outfits and explore tinsel . They  have created some Fabulous art work including their own melted snowmen using shaving foam!

Snow Day

January 3rd, 2018

We love a snow day at Nursery!

It was very cold outside but the children loved exploring the snow and making a snowman!




November 27th, 2017

One puddle, two puddles, made by the rain.

Three puddles, four puddles, down in the lane.

Five puddles, six puddles, we can wade through.

Seven puddles, eight puddles, quite muddy, too!

Nine puddles, ten puddles, covering tiny roots.

Eleven puddles, twelve puddles – we all need our boots.


November 2nd, 2017

We had a great time celebrating Halloween with lots of spooky activities and fabulous costumes!

The Preschool and Toddler unit had fun making Dracula teeth biscuits whiles the Baby room and Pre-Toddler children enjoyed exploring ghostly slime.